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Trampoline Stickman

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Trampoline Stickman

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Trampoline Stickman is a simple and really funny recreation to prove your capabilities on the trampoline. manipulate the little stick fella the usage of just your left and proper arrow keys to perform cool front or returned flips. Attempt to flip as generally as you could with every soar without smashing your head into the floor and violently losing your valuable stickman lifestyles. Play the classic mode to exercise set your high-quality flipping score, the timed mode to do your excellent inside 60 seconds, or the arcade mode, in which you have to follow instructions to earn points until you lose 3 lives. Have a laugh with Trampoline Stickman!

In Trampoline Stickman, start bouncing on the trampoline, perform first-rate backflips and front flips, and come to be the arena’s primary Trampoline Stickman!

Trampoline Stickman is a laugh arcade recreation in which you need to help stickman carry out wonderful flips on his very own trampoline! Use the left and right arrow keys to perform front and backflips and to gain extra height. For every successful turn you land, you gain a rating, and your stickman also jumps higher!

Each soar you carry out is rated out of five stars – you advantage higher big name ratings for a touchdown your bounce perfectly. As you progress you’ll bounce higher and higher and have a risk to carry out greater flips in line with soar. With more peak, however, comes less manipulate and also you find it hard to land nicely! What high score can you check in? can you display off your terrific trampoline skills?

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How To Play Trampoline Stickman : Walkthrough

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