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The Office Guy

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The Office Guy

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In The Office Guy, This office is fully corrupt. Manager and Boss kill folks that do not follow the principles and rules and regulations. Therefore our hero has stepped up and reaching to kill the boss. With atiny low cartoon the office guy story begins. There are ten tasks to complete and within that finish you have got to gather the case to complete the game. Attack workers by baseball equipment. Pickup guns and bombs to kill them. Browse description once before the task starts. Its a action packed game with impressive sounds and graphics. Go kill some dangerous guys! The office Guy is an epic fighting platform game within which you management a straightforward office guy who desires to undertake and produce down his corrupted boss! Work your method through every level and space of your office and defeat any opponent who stands between you and also the boss! This guy is simply too powerful to be a straightforward white collar! one thing did not go alright throughout the negotiations, thus currently he has got to face the unhealthy fellas. In every level you gotta fight against them within the workplace locations.

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