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Super Fat

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Super Fat

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In Super Fat, If you have always been a Pacman fan and you have spent hours playing and devouring everything that crossed your path, Super Fat is for you. In this html5 game, inspired by the Arcade classic, you will have to handle the fast food superhero in order to make him eat all the meatballs and any kind of junk food you will find wherever you go. Grab your iPhone, Android, computer, iPad or Tablet and start eating meatballs non-stop. You will also have to be careful with the animals that don’t want you to eat every single meatball in town and who are chasing you tirelessly. The only way to stop them is finding the giant meatball, eat it and turn into a sort of invincible super warrior to scare your enemies and make them run away from you. Besides, you will be able to attack them in order to turn them into ghosts and make them go back to their hideouts. But be alert because the powers of the giant meatball don’t last forever, soon enough everything goes back to normal and you will have to run away from your pursuers. In this online and free game you will have to guide the fat superhero through five levels and get the points by eating every meatball you find, and extra points thanks to the pizzas, hamburgers, waffles, doughnuts, chicken wings, and hot dogs that are hidden in the path. Go through a park infested with pigeons, a construction site guarded by dogs, a mansion protected by cats, a desert where you will find gorillas, and an underground lab where a pack of rats finds shelter. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of these animals which will make sure you don’t eat all the food you find. As soon as you start passing levels, your enemies will be more intelligent and smart, and will not hesitate to do whatever they need to make your mission impossible. Are you ready?

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