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Robbers in Town

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Robbers in Town

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Robbers in town is a laugh and particular platform recreation with a dual manage mechanism. two dastardly robbers have escaped from jail and they may be on against the law spree – stealing whatever loot they could locate! You must manipulate each robber and help them avoid the various boundaries – if your idea controlling one individual become difficult enough, wait till you have to concentrate on two!

Paintings your way thru a series of challenging levels and try and gather loot bags and whole every stage with 3 stars. leap over the wood crates and avoid touch with the explosive boxes – they will damage your robbers! Once you get used to the controls you may be able to manage your robbers but you ought to suppose rapid and take note of each character!

With sixteen levels and 4 subject matters, Robbers in town is a single faucet based game. you need to tap properly for first robber and faucet left for a 2d robber. If one robber dies other one dies too you have to gather as lots dollar baggage to clean the tiers. we could start the robbery.

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How To Play Robbers in Town : Walkthrough

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