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Road of Fury Desert Strike

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Road of Fury Desert Strike

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In Road of Fury Desert Strike, join Rass in a critical assignment for the Corp. combat in opposition to the Horsemen gang that rule the desolate tract and defeat their boss Duke Mo. The Corp doesn’t have a spare budget in the intervening time, but they pay for each enemy you kill. lease drivers and upgrade your gear. avenue of Fury wasteland Strike is the brand new avenue of Fury and more furious than ever earlier than!

Road of Fury Desert Strike is a fun platform recreation with improve and riding elements. You drive an outstanding automobile that is geared up with a heavy attack cannon – you must chase down the evil horseman gang across a series of barren wastelands. Your cannon fires robotically – you genuinely intention the gun and try to mow down the horseman gang members as fast a likely!

At the end of every run, you can return to the garage and improve your vehicle and weapon. You could boom your HP and also the firepower of your attack cannon. ultimately, you could upload cool devices on your automobile which include an airstrike beacon and an invincibility defend. try and development as some distance as possible and free up the new regions – can you triumph over the horseman gang and convey peace to the wastelands?

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