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Learn to fly 2

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Learn to fly 2

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Learn to fly 2 is the sequel of this superb penguin flying sport. You found out a way to fly. however, Icebergs have stopped you. it's time to try it once more. Take to the skies as a flightless hen and show the world that penguins can fly!

Use the arrow keys to trade the attitude of your penguin. Lean ahead to move quicker and backward to advantage top. gather cash via flying longer and quicker. buy boosters and press space to apply them. wreck into the snowman to earn more money.
TIP: do not pass too speedy, or you may waste your momentum!

You have been able to discover ways to fly. however, Icebergs stopped you and crushed your dreams. Now you’re back for revenge!

Assist the penguin to give you the perfect plant to learn how to fly.

Learn to Fly 2 is a chain based around a Penguin attempting to learn how to fly. After a multitude of disasters and excuse notes, he manages to accomplish that. properly, till he crashes into the Wall. The dodo mocks him for his failure, and he resolves to get revenge.

The Penguin Protagonist returned in analyze 2 Fly, this time with a head bandage from the clinic, and acts a little greater wisely in flying a dummy instead of doing the flying himself. The Penguin uses the dummy to ruin all of the icy barriers that stood in his way before, in the end destroying the Wall that caused him to fail years earlier. Then he proves he can fly with the brand new equipment supplied. (and without crashing like earlier)

The Dodo is not very satisfied with this, and problems some other assignment for the Penguin to fly to the area.

In advance of the Moon touchdown, the Penguin hires infant Penguin to move take a cannon and kill all of the icy obstacles that stand between them and the deep area in discover ways to Fly Idle. After effectively doing so, the Penguin gathers an entire crew of penguins to assist coordinate a big string of flight tries. After many, many days, the Penguin eventually flies to the moon.

however, In Learn to fly 2, the Dodo isn't completed but. He issues some of the demanding situations that he believes Penguin NASA isn't always able to finish. After being proved incorrect again, he gets surely pissed and tries to prove dodos can fly too. now not certain how that went definitely… this is up to the pilot.

The tale still continues and there's more to return…

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