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Jelly Picnic

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Jelly Picnic is one of these games wherein you watched you may simply play one brief round and then you definately don’t forestall playing for hours. like the other healthy-3 games, you have to make groups of 3 out of the jellies which then dissolve, making room for brand new pieces. in case you’re fortunate, the new pieces in shape the present ones, placing off a sequence reaction and suddenly racking up your factors.in case you integrate greater than 3 jellies of the same coloration, they go away in the back of an advantage block that makes an entire row or colour vanish in seconds. And the clock that masses more time onto the timer ticking away on every stage is just as useful. do not allow the timer run out! Or again you visit level one – where you will get stuck time and again again trying once more just one greater, critically simply one extra time this time.

How To Play Jelly Picnic : Walkthrough

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