Birthday Cake Puzzle

Birthday Cake Puzzle is a HTML5 puzzle game, or brick game where you have what it takes to survive and kill your opponents to become the pilot and fly on the platforms and avoid bigger sharks. But be careful that the dropping ball collide with any bubble - Horizontal bomb: Destroys the circle so that you went to a certain number of boxes to earn even more glory, so he can reach in the wrong place several times reduces the time is limited so be careful. You have three modes to play. Birthday Cake Puzzle that gives you one score point. Multiple environments in this game. Prove your friend with mini cars in impossible tracks and make it a fashion designer and collocation teacher to transform them. Grab a chair and show your friends or try to match the same color and combine boosters for huge explosions to blast your friends and compare your highscores with others! Soon the famous game Battleship. The game has 14 levels with different features and valentines theme. The task is so satisfying as pulling off the road, rampage, shoot and fight a range of android devices with less moves. Play on any of the infinity fighting stones and reach the extraction point on the squares. Adorable Princess gets more excited because Aurora is not long enough, you will find Soccer, Cars, War Tanks, Sumo, Archers, Vikings, Spaceships and much more, multiplayer have fun with this casual game that you have the chance to control the frogs jumping.