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Franky Valet Parking

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Franky Valet Parking

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In Franky Valet Parking, Steer cars into tight spots! listen to the great tunes even as you contend with distinctive vehicles in Franky Valet Parking. Your predominant job is to prevent in each marked area without stepping into any injuries. if you hit another car or crash into an impediment, your rating will decrease. so as to score five stars, you ought to drive genuinely flawlessly. show that you’re the exceptional valet on the town!

Play Franky valet parking on Friv2Kizi2! Franky Valey is a parking sport reinvented. gamers can drive clients’ cars inside and outside of the parking lot. because the valet they ought to be cautious when steerage every automobile. All motors have distinctive speeds and moves. gamers ought to accumulate as many big name Franky valet parking is absolutely loose and requires no registration!

Drive clients’ cars inside and out of the automobile parking space! because the valet, you ought to be very careful whilst guidance every car. in case you hit any objects, you’ll lose a celeb. the main goal is to earn five stars for an excellent task. look inside the rear-view reflect to make sure you do not crash into any other vehicles. anticipate the crossing gate to open before getting into restrained areas. experience the upbeat, groovy song while driving in Franky Valet Parking!

Franky Valet Parking  is one among our selected Parking games.

Things are really busy down at the parking lot this afternoon and Franky could really use your help. Join him while he finds some spaces for all of these sports cars, vans, golf carts and more in this mobile game.


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How To Play Franky Valet Parking : Walkthrough

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