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Fists of Frenzy

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In Fists of Frenzy, you’re in your very own at a crossroad and you are surrounded by way of fierce ninjas. The ninjas will come once you from all directions and also you need perfect timing to fight them off. once they may be proper next to you, there is a small second in time to kick inside the route of an attacker to neutralise him, earlier than he’s capable of stab you. now and again you fall in a frenzy that clears off all enemies at once and gives you a few badly needed time to disturbing up and concentrate. The extra enemies you managed to defeat, the cooler man or woman you’re able to unlock and play with. Be it a monk, the schoolgirl, a panda or maybe a robotic – anything you play, a laugh is guaranteed in this free video game. Play now!

How To Play Fists of Frenzy : Walkthrough