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Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker

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Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker

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In Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker, Adam is sleepwalking within the ice cold night time. help him to get back into the bed. Adam and Eve 6: Sleepwalker is yet every other installment of the wonderful Adam and Eve series. In this adventure, Adam has unwittingly fallen asleep – he is now sleepwalking on a dangerous ice mountain. You need to help our sleepy hero sleepwalk to the protection and avoid all of the barriers in his way. Play Adam & Eve: Sleepwalker – Adam is sleepwalking on a darkish and ice bloodless night: assist him to get back into his bed in the sports Adam & Eve: Sleepwalker!

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How To Play Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker : Walkthrough

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