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Jelly Survival

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Jelly Survival is a a laugh and fast-paced arcade sport in an effort to put your timing abilities and reflexes to the check! the celebs of the sport are the 2 Jelly buddies Blip and Blop who will cross collectively thru thick and thin – pretty literally! with a view to reach this adventure, our friends must steer clear of the short drawing close boundaries through dodging to the left or to the right – or maybe via splitting up for a brief time! To make it a bit easier for our Jelly friends you could help them by means of amassing the coins and extras on the way to seem at the song and so that you can help Blip and Blop on their journey and allow them to soar or maybe fly over obstacles or to slow down a bit. Play Jelly Survival online now without cost and discover how a ways you and your buddies can make it!

How To Play Jelly Survival : Walkthrough